Sunday, December 23, 2007

Music Coming Up!

a wile ago i mentioned that "a kind anonymous stranger." was recording all the songs from each episode of every series for me! there all done now and should be up around new years time. heres the track listings:

Series 1
01 - The Theme Tune - 0:23
02 - Freak - 0:45
03 - The Shaman - 1:02
04 - Mutants - 1:39
05 - Feelin' Fine - 0:16
06 - Ape Of Death - 1:29
07 - Turn Around - 0:26
08 - Tundra Rap - 1:09
09 - Stickelbacks - 0:12
10 - Calm A Llama Down - 0:18
11 - Mod Wolves - 1:03
12 - The Story Of Charlie - 1:39
13 - Charlie - 1:08
14 - Scarborough Fair - 0:31
15 - Electro - 1:32
16 - Vinces Childhood Story - 1:13
17 - The Hitcher - 1:27
Series 2
01 - Listen To Your Heart - 2:20
02 - The New Sound - 1:43
03 - The New Sound Solo - 0:50
04 - Spider Lovin' - 1:04
05 - The New Sound Finale - 1:27
06 - Nanageddon - 1:43
07 - Time Is Calling Out My Name - 0:20
08 - I Love The Chosen One - 0:42
09 - The Soup Song - 0:21
10 - Fishermans Song - 0:21
11 - Love Games - 1:09
12 - The Story Of The Funk - 1:33
13 - We've Got The Funk - 1:16
14 - Isolation - 1:12
15 - Isolation (Milky Joe And The Coconuts) - 0:26
Series 3
01 - We're Super Magic Men - 0:20
02 - Eels - 1:37
03 - Eels (Reprise) - 1:09
04 - I Did A Shit On Your Mum - 0:40
05 - The Story Of Howling Jimmy Jefferson - 1:02
06 - Pancakes - 0:17
07 - It's What's Inside That Counts - 0:48
08 - Twisty - 0:24
09 - The Story Of The Magpie And The Peacock - 1:35
10 - Future Sailors - 0:56
11 - Retro - 0:25
12 - The Jigsaw Times - 0:12
13 - Crimp Of - 1:06
14 - The Fourway Crimp - 1:01
15 - The Strange Tale Of The Crack Fox - 1:21
16 - We Are Flying To A Higher Place - 1:25
17 - Bouncy Bouncy! - 0:26
18 - Bouncy Bouncy! (Reprise) - 0:33

Series 3 DVD Cover

Thanks to "a kind anonymous stranger" for finding this!


2 disc so will include some special features!

You can pre-order the DVD form the BBC shop website Here.

The DVD will be priced around £19.99 or £12.49 on the BBC website and will be out on

have been very busy these past few days so sorry about the lack of updates.

merry Christmas! XD

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Mighty Boosh S03 E06 "Sammy The Crab" Download (.mpg)

Thanks to Ashley for getting these up whilst i was at work. Will have a direct link to a high quality .wmv version of the episode soon(ish).


Thursday, December 20, 2007

New File Server Test!

At the moment im testing out some new servers for hosting episodes and other downloads. these servers wont need you to wait or to enter any codes or anything and will just give you the file linked directly from this site. If you could please click the link below to see the image. if it works than we have a new server! if it doesn't work for anyone please let me know by adding a comment to this post. Thank You!

Please Click Here!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vic Reeves House Arrest With Noel Fielding

Just a reminder that on December 22nd (Saturday) Noel fielding will be on Vic Reeves new radio show "Vic Reeves House Arrest". The show will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 at 11pm. Here's a quick synopsis:

"Vic Reeves stars in a new comedy sketch show for Radio 2, which sees him paired up with his old partner, Bob Mortimer, for the first time in six years. Noel Fielding, from The Mighty Boosh, and Nancy Sorrell also star. Each show sees Vic being put under house arrest for a wacky crime he didn't commit."

The 4 Way Crimp

Thanks to Chris on myspace for this one:

Crimpty Crimpty Now now
Crimpty Crimpty ask me how
Crimpty Crimpty humble pie
Crimpty Crimpty
Boing ding bong bong ting
Crimpty Crimpty ping pong
Sugar man life source
why did you come to me
Put me in a coma
Woke up in the future
Robot man cant you help me find my way
I cant understand the things you say
Choob miles i love you so
i took you from the underground and brought you home
i put you in my jacket pocket
took you to the meeting
put you in my jacket pocket
took you to the meeting
put you in my jacket pocket
put you in my jacket pocket
put you in my jacket
put you in my jacket
jean claude jaquitee
with his jacket on
jean claude jaquitee
with his jacket off
jacket on jacket off
jacket on jacket off
ooh ooh ooh i did a twisty
ooh ooh ooh a tiny twisty
Crimpty Crimpty Now now
Crimpty Crimpty ask me how
Crimpty Crimpty you will pay
Crimpty Crimpty out my way
Boing ding bong bong ting
Crimpity crimpity fuck you "

Download "The 4 Way Crimp"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Dates Added!

Due to overwhelming demand for tickets, i can now announce extra dates have been released for the Mighty Boosh Live Tour 2008.

These tickets are available to purchase from 10am on Wednesday 19th of December. Be quick as there are limited numbers available for each date.

Wed 24 Sept YORK, Opera House
Thu 25 Sept YORK, Opera House
Thu 09 Oct SHEFFIED, City Hall
Fri 10 Oct SHEFFIED, City Hall
Sat 11 Oct SHEFFIED, City Hall
Tue 14 Oct LIVERPOOL, Arena
Sat 08 Nov NOTTINGHAM, Arena
Fri 28 Nov GLASGOW, Armadillo
Sat 29 Nov GLASGOW, Armadillo
Fri 05 Dec MANCHESTER, MEN Arena
Wed 10 Dec LEEDS, Grand
Thu 11 Dec LEEDS, Grand

and theres another Big London Date still to come!

There are a limited amount of tickets available and they are on a 'first come, first served' basis.

You can purchase up to 4 tickets for one date ONLY.

You can purchase your tickets from 10am on the Wednesday 19th December 2007.

They can be purchased HERE!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bouncy Bouncy Song Download

Someone requested this so here it is, the "Bouncy Bouncy" song from last weeks episode of The Mighty Boosh: "Party"

DOWNLOAD.MP3 (SendSpace)
DOWNLOAD.MP3 (MegaUpload)


Also did anyone else notice this on the bouncy castle?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Mighty Boosh Live on BBC3

The Mighty Boosh Live is going to be on BBC3 on Boxing Day at 11:30pm This Year.

There you go, a Christmas present for all of you! =D

Never Mind The Buzzcocks S21 E03 on MegaUpload

By request i have a MegaUpload link for Never Mind The Buzzcocks S21 E03.


I have had a request to Every Episode of series 1 of The Mighty Boosh so im going to be getting onto this when i can.


Saturday, December 15, 2007


As promised the mega upload link for The Mighty Boosh S03 E05 - "Party" is up!


Noel Fielding and Russell Brand on "The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 07"

Noel Fielding and Russell Brand will Be returning to "The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 07" on channel 4 this year.

The Goth Detectives team will be back on the show witch will be on the telly on new years eve.

Lets hope they win again! =D

Download S03 E05 "Party" .WMV High Quality

Here it is!

DOWNLOAD! (SendSpace)

DOWNLOAD! (MegaUpload)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Well it looks as though BBC aren't going to let us have this episode until its on the telly. =[

Looks like we will just have to wait. =D

I will have this episode up as soon as possible after its been on TV in the UK.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The tickets for The Mighty Boosh Live 2008 are on sale from Saturday 15/12/07 and can be purchased HERE!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Independent on Noel Fielding's Art

The Independent (best news paper ever) have a quite lengthy article on Noel Fielding's art work HERE!

(ps: sorry if i sound weird stating noel fieldings whole name, it just makes it more likly for this site to come up on a search engine)

Christmas Time!

Its Christmas in 15 days and what better present to get someone (or yourself) than The Mighty Boosh!

The series 1 and 2 box set is avalable from HMV for only £15 pounds at the moment or only £9.99 if brought online HERE!

they also have

The Mighty Boosh Live for £4.99

The Mighty Boosh Complete Radio Show for £9.99

Garth Marenghis Darkplace for £5.99

And the IT Crowd series 1 and 2 box set for £29.99


The Omid Djalili Show S01 E04

This is a very funny show from Iranian comedian Omid Djlili. this episode had Rich Fulcher playing the part of the fat sidekick from 70's cop shows.
He's only in it for 5 minutes but even so this show is funny and worth downloading. so here it is!


2008 Tour Dates!

The 2008 tour dates are out! (as of about 5 minuits ago)

11/09/2008 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12/09/2008 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
13/09/2008 Glasgow Pavilion
14/09/2008 Glasgow Pavilion
16/09/2008 Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)
17/09/2008 Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)
Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)(See Below)
22/09/2008 York Opera House
23/09/2008 York Opera House
26/09/2008 Harrogate Theatre
27/09/2008 Harrogate Theatre
01/10/2008 Buxton Opera House
02/10/2008 Buxton Opera House
03/10/2008 Wakefield Theatre Royal
04/10/2008 Wakefield Theatre Royal
06/10/2008 Sheffield City Hall
07/10/2008 Sheffield City Hall
15/10/2008 Liverpool Arena
16/10/2008 Blackpool Opera House
17/10/2008 Blackpool Opera House
18/10/2008 Cardiff CIA
20/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
21/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
22/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
27/10/2008 Bristol Hippodrome
28/10/2008 Bristol Hippodrome
31/10/2008 Birmingham NIA
03/11/2008 Oxford New Theatre
04/11/2008 Oxford New Theatre
05/11/2008 Wolverhampton Civic
06/11/2008 Wolverhampton Civic
07/11/2008 Nottingham Arena
10/11/2008 Portsmouth Guildhall
11/11/2008 Portsmouth Guildhall
12/11/2008 Brighton Centre
13/11/2008 Brighton Centre
17/11/2008 Plymouth Pavilions
18/11/2008 Plymouth Pavilions
19/11/2008 Bournemouth BIC
20/11/2008 Bournemouth BIC
26/11/2008 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
01/12/2008 Manchester Apollo
02/12/2008 Manchester Apollo
08/12/2008 Leeds Grand
09/12/2008 Leeds Grand

18/09/2008. According to Ticketmaster the Mighty Boosh are there on this date but according to the official tour dates release there not so i dont know. thanks to Colin for pointing this out. =D

These tickets are on sale from Saturday 15/12/07 and can be purchased HERE!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

S03 E05 .AVI Best Possible Quality on SendSpace

Yeh, What the title says. No skipping issues in this one.



Some people have been requesting a send space link for this weeks episode.

So hear it is!

Download S03 E04 (SendSpace)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Never Mind The Buzzcocks S21 E04 High Quality Download

Here we go, and thanks to the lack of problems this week its up less than a day after it was on the telly! =D


The Mighty Boosh S03 E04 High Quality Download .WMV

Here it is. No problems this week!





The Mighty Boosh S03 E05 Download

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

What an amazing episode this is!

Download (.RM) <-- Best Quality but RealPlayer needed (MegaUpload)

Download (.AVI) <-- Same Quality as above (SendSpace)

Download (.WMV) <-- Not as good quality and skipping issues (SendSpace)


A LOT happened in this episode!
Howards gay for vince,
Howards a virgin,
Vince and Howard make out on the roof,
Bouncy castles are legend,
Naboo has no penis, dogma style,
The shop is below the flat that series 2 was based in (even though the flat was in Dalston and the shop is in Shorditch)
and if my facts are correct.....

Howards New Love Interest ^
Change of clothes ^

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Mighty Boosh S03 E03 High Quality Download.WMV

Sorry about all the mess there has been with this download, this should be the last time i have to go back to this.

The Mighty Boosh S03 E03.WMV

I'm so glad thats over with!

The Mighty Boosh Series 3 on DVD

According to, The Mighty Boosh Series 3 will be coming out on DVD on January 28, 2008 and will be priced at £19.99 in most shops and £12.98 if pre-ordered from Amazon. Click Here!

Also AD/BC
- A Rock Opera, staring many of the boosh cast, is also only £8.98 on Amazon and can be found HERE!

Download Never Mind The Buzzcocks S21 E03

Sorry this took so long, but here it is anyway:




Live Lounge

I have a couple of songs from the live lounge session from The Mighty Boosh:

Married on the Morrow.MP3
Isolation/Love Games.MP3
Soup Song.MP3

If anyone has the whole show i would be very greatfull if they could contact me at

I also found this by Noel Fielding about his time on the live lounge:

"How did it go? Well I thought it was quite funny... we were quite nervous as we hadn't had enough time to get a band together and there's a lot of funky beats in there.

We had Bollo on drums but we had a lot to learn as there were new guitar parts and we had to write new lyrics to make the songs work but it was good to break them in... we worried a lot about the order of the tracks, we think the first one was alright, but the second one was all over the place!

I've started calling my headphones 'cans' like real bands too... Bollo is taking the mick out of me for it. Julian thought it went well, but i won't hold my breath for being on the next Live Lounge album!

I also found this video that was filmed whilst they were recording Love Games.

Monday, December 03, 2007

S02 E05, "The Legend Of Old Gregg" High Quality Download (.AVI), Sweet, Darkplace and some other stuffs.

By request (sorry about the time it took) i bring you:

S02 E05, "The Legend Of Old Gregg".AVI

Sorry about all the problems with S03 E03, will have it sorted as soon as possible!

and the link for the short film "sweet" staring the Boosh Boys has been updated.

also the whole episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, staring Matt Berry (
Dixon Bainbridge),Richard Ayoade (Original Dixon Bainbridge,Saboo, Moss from IT Crowd) and Julian Barratt, with Noel Fielding guest staring as the head monkey-man (see image below) is up on Although this is an american website, it seems to work still in england, cant say about other countries though.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

S03 E03 is DOWN

So Sorry about this. the whole server that was serving S03 E03 has gone down. Im onto it at the moment.

Also S02 E06, The Legend Of Old Gregg, Will be up for download once all this serving problems are sorted! =D

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Mighty Boosh S03 E03 High Quality Download (.WMV 310MB)


Sorry for the delay of this download, but here it is:

Download S03 E03.WMV

(if the above link doesn't work try HERE and enter the code in the top right of the page)

This is only temporary until i get the hosting sorted out!

I will be back onto all the requests that i have received now.

Virgin Atlantic

I didn't know this but Virgin Atlantic are showing episodes of The Mighty Boosh as part of there in-flight tv.

Mighty Boosh on Johnathon Ross

Sorry about the lateness of episode 3 in high quality, iv sorted the problems with the serving so its on its way.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Mighty Boosh on Jonathan Ross Tonight.

Noel and Julian are both going to be on Friday Night With Johnathan Ross tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1.

Some server issues at the moment witch is delaying Mighty Boosh S03 E03 from being added to the site. will have it sorted though.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

S03 E04 Download (.WMV) (better quality and no skipping issues)

Crack Fox

Here is S03 E04 of The Mighty Boosh! This download is in (slightly) better quality than the previous download and also has no skipping issues. =D

This episode has to be one of the best boosh episodes yet!


sorry about the lack of updates, have been very busy.

Should have The Mighty Boosh E03 in high quality up tomorrow night, if not the day after.

We also have alot of Mighty Boosh music coming up thanks to a very kind boosh fan that i would like to thank for all his help and support with the site. you rule man!

S03 E03 Music Download! (.MP3)

With thanks to jspee From livejournal i bring you:

It's What's Inside That Counts (.MP3)

Future Sailors (.MP3)

The Four Way Crimp (.MP3)

Peacock Dreams (.MP3)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NMTB S21 E02

Here is the first episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks featuring Noel Fielding sitting in for Bill Bailey (S21 E02)

S21 E02 High Quality (.WMV)

S21 E02 Not So High Quality (.MP4)

S21 E02 Low Quality (.MP4)

The next episode (S21 E03) includes Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil) playing Against Noels team.

Mighty Boosh S03 E03 Net Quality Download (.WMV)

Here it is!

S03 E03.WMV

Boosh S03 E02 Dowload (.WMV/.MP4)

Here It Is!

As requested by loads of people its:

S03 E02 High Quality (.WMV)

S03 E02 Not So High Quality (.MP4)

S03 E02 Low Quality (.MP4)

S03 E03 will be up by tonight as well as Never Mind The Buzzcocks With Noel Fielding filling in for Bill Bailey. S03 E03 will be in Internet quality and .WMV format and NMTB will be in high quality and also in .WMV format.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Watch Episode 3 Online!

Sorry about the lack of updates, have been ill (again)

anyway here is episode 3 to watch online:

Real Player (Low)(High)

Windows (Low)(High)

Episode 2 in high quality .WMV format will be available for download as well as never mind the buzzcocks with Noel as a guest team captain by tomorrow night (Saturday).

Click Image to View Full Sized
Click image to view full size.

half way through S03 now. its gone so quick! =O

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Download S03 E01 .WMV

As requested here is S03 E01 to Download(.WMV):


Boosh Takeover NME

Noel and Julian are quest editing this weeks NME.

let them explain


NME cover

Monday, November 19, 2007

Server Errors

We are experiencing some server errors at the moment. If you just keep trying you will get through.

The Pancake Song

Eggs milk and flour, pancake power,
Look at his milky yellow sunshine face.
Flip it now, flip it good, ooh,
Flip it now, flip it good, ooh,
Some are salt, some are sweet,
Some are fruit, some are meat,
The time we used the chive, it really came alive!
Edible Frisbee, springtime Tuesday.
I like to boogie.

The Mighty Boosh on Freshly Squeezed - 15.11.07

Don't know about you but them presenters freak me out.

The Mighty Boosh on the Culture Show - 17.11.07

Noel on 6Music Video

Noel on 6music playing a drawing game with DJ Shaun Keaveny.

The Mighty Boosh on Transmission 16.11.07

TheLondonPaper Interviews

2 new interviews from Noel and Julian:

Video Interviews!(will not work with Adblock instaled on firefox)

Text Interview!

Vic Reeves' House Arrest


Vic Reeves' House Arrest:

"Vic Reeves stars in a new comedy sketch show for Radio 2, which sees him paired up with his old partner, Bob Mortimer, for the first time in six years. Noel Fielding, from The Mighty Boosh, and Nancy Sorrell also star. Each show sees Vic being put under house arrest for a wacky crime he didn't commit."

sounds like fun! =D

4000 a Week

Just to say that we have had 4,ooo hits in the past week!


sorry about the lack of updates. im pressed for time at the moment.

Download Episode 2!

Well iv had a lot of requests for a download of S03 E02 so hear it is:


ps: sorry about the slow download. The server i usually use has died on me.

episode 1 in .WMV will be up shortly.(19/11/07)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Julliens, Noels and the Bands Glitter Ball Suits FOR SALE!

Five lots up for grabs.




Live Lounge Session

Noel and Julian were on Radio 1's Live Lounge . You can listen...


Heres some images:









Wandered down Brick Lane for a legendary Salt Beef bagel just now, and I passed this shopfront, taken over by the Mighty Boosh to promote series 3 which starts on BBC3 this week. It's bluetooth thingy sends a clip from the new show to your phone."

Bollos Audition for the Cadbrys Ad.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sorry about the lack of updates over the last couple of days, have been quite ill. so heres everything thats happened over the past few days:

Season 3 Episode 2 on youtube:

Journey to the Centre of Punk

Old Gregg Soundboard:

play the quests on BBC´s new and improved Boosh site here:

And if you can be bothered to play through all the quests to unlock the prizes they are here (send space):

Adorable Philip Kitten in a Barrel screensaver complete with soothing music:

Hitcher screensaver:

Bollo wallpaper:

Rudy & Spider wallpaper:

Milky Joe wallpaper:

All wallpapers are pics of the cartoon versions from the site. All are sized 1600x1200.

Mighty Boosh on the Colin Murry show on Radio 1:

Listen Now!

More Info.

It Includes a short documentary about The Mighty Boosh, in two parts, featuring a whole host of stars including the Official Queen Of The Mods from

Noel and Julian are also going to be on Jo Wiley's live lounge next Thursday. (BBC Radio 1 - usally 12ish)

Advert for Season 3:

2 Bits Of Music:

Music from the season three commercial.
"Eels" from Season Three - Episode One.

Download Season 3 Episode 1:

needs real player or real alternative.

Acording to The Sun:

"COMIC Noel Fielding has been signed up to front BBC3's new Friday night entertainment show.

The Mighty Boosh star will co-host The Wall with two other presenters, who have not yet been announced.

Noel, who has already signed up to temporarily replace Bill Bailey on BBC2's Never Mind The Buzzcocks, will interview celeb guests and introduce musical acts."

But that was the sun so you never know if its true or not.

I Think Thats it, but if i remember any more ill post it in a new post.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Season 3 Episode 1 is online on the bbc3 website NOW!


Launch in Stand Alone Player (.ram)

as i said, the calm before the storm!

The Calm Before The Storm

no news today or yesterday...................

that calm before the storm if you will...............

7 Days, 4 Hours, 30 Minutes and 36 Seconds

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Series 2 on CD?

According to and, series 2 of the mighty boosh TV show will be released on audio CD on 1/4/2008. So if you want to not have a clue whats going on then you can pre-order it HERE!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rich Fulcher and "Johnny 2 Hats" at the Albany, London!

Rich Fulcher will be appearing live on Thursday 1st November at Clarks' at The Albany in London (020 7387 5706). The night is hosted by Dan Clark
(Johnny Two Hats in series 1) and always sells out quickly so be quick if your looking to go.

Queen Of The Mods and her thorghts on EELS!

The official "Queen Of The Mods" (head of the mod wolfs fan club) from has seen a copy of the first episode of series 3 ,"EELS".

She says that "
it sees the welcome return of some popular characters from
both previous series, as well as a performance from our very own Queen
of the Mods as part of the Hoxton Elite. There is also a new song
which will stick in your minds and drive you mad. "

Sounds like the boosh to me!

Buzzcocks Tickets!

Tickets to be in the audience of the new series of Nevermind The Buzzcocks are up for grabs HERE! and are totally FREE!(18+ only, signup required)


I'm now accepting requests for an content that you may want added to the site. im doing this because i would love to get as much boosh content in 1 place as possible. Please bear in mind though that some content, like leaked things from the know me place, are surprisingly hard to find.

for any requests please contact:

Noel Fielding on the Russell Brand Show - BBC Radio 2

I have been meaning to post this for a while now so here it is:

The Russell Brand Show 2007-10-13 - Featuring Noel Fielding (62.7 MB)

The download is in MP3 format and has had all the music played during the show removed. With guests Courtney Love and Francis Bean Cobain.

ps: Slowly fixing the links in older section like the "watch online" section.

Trailer Updates.

The new season 3 trailers are now avalible on youtube!

Series 3 teaser trailer


"Dodgy eyes"

"Corduroy creations"

"Celebrity radar"

And sorry about yesterdays lack of updates, it was a slow news day and i was at work anyway.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Season 3 Images

Well theres a lot of stuff finding its way out onto the internet at the moment. take this massive copulation of photos taken during filming of season 3. Each photo is from season 3 so that means that a couple characters hear are definatly in season 3 (Old Greggs Back!)

so with great thanks to accio_arse from Live Journal i present to you;