Friday, December 14, 2007


Well it looks as though BBC aren't going to let us have this episode until its on the telly. =[

Looks like we will just have to wait. =D

I will have this episode up as soon as possible after its been on TV in the UK.


Paula said...

Pants! I live in portugal and am a huge fan. Unfortunately I can only watch it on the web, because the DVD is only coming out in January. I buy all their stuff, but right now this is my only option. My only consolation is that I got tickets for the Brixton Academy in 2008. That will be genius. Thanks for helping us international Boosh fans watch the series before the DVD is out. I couldn't imagine what it would be like waiting for that while everyone else is watching. Mind you, The Boosh have been on TV over here, but right now they aren't. They will be back on, no doubt. xxx Paula, Portugal

Ashley said...

Thats not good did they give any reason why not?

i only need that episode to complete my full collection :D

do you want me to do a HD recording of it and upload it on thursday?

email at if so

jpeg91 said...

they didn't give any reason, but im guessing that because its the last episode and i think it has some sort of an old Gregg related twist involved XD

Anonymous said...

thats bad news .
especially for anyone living over here in japan who follows the boosh and needs a regular dose ;)
guess ill have to look into them slingback thingies or whatever theyre called to boomerang the boosh across the globe .

japan needs more beeb comedy and less 24/lost etc .

just my 2 yen .

Anonymous said...

hell, america needs less 24/lost/american idol/et cetera. and less awful excuses for comedy shows. :(

aaah. we'll all just have to wait, y/y?

Ashley said...

Hi all for those of you couldn't watch the last episode on tv last night i have recorded it and uploaded it here

it's in mpeg format which will play in windows media player


Ashley said...

i just relised that link is broken

so i'm uploading it to another website right now and i'll post a link when it's finished

Ashley said...

send space link up sorry for the dely was at work

Ashley said...

email me at or if the send space link goes down please