Monday, December 10, 2007

2008 Tour Dates!

The 2008 tour dates are out! (as of about 5 minuits ago)

11/09/2008 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
12/09/2008 Edinburgh Festival Theatre
13/09/2008 Glasgow Pavilion
14/09/2008 Glasgow Pavilion
16/09/2008 Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)
17/09/2008 Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)
Dublin Olympia (not available pre-sale)(See Below)
22/09/2008 York Opera House
23/09/2008 York Opera House
26/09/2008 Harrogate Theatre
27/09/2008 Harrogate Theatre
01/10/2008 Buxton Opera House
02/10/2008 Buxton Opera House
03/10/2008 Wakefield Theatre Royal
04/10/2008 Wakefield Theatre Royal
06/10/2008 Sheffield City Hall
07/10/2008 Sheffield City Hall
15/10/2008 Liverpool Arena
16/10/2008 Blackpool Opera House
17/10/2008 Blackpool Opera House
18/10/2008 Cardiff CIA
20/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
21/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
22/10/2008 London Brixton Academy
27/10/2008 Bristol Hippodrome
28/10/2008 Bristol Hippodrome
31/10/2008 Birmingham NIA
03/11/2008 Oxford New Theatre
04/11/2008 Oxford New Theatre
05/11/2008 Wolverhampton Civic
06/11/2008 Wolverhampton Civic
07/11/2008 Nottingham Arena
10/11/2008 Portsmouth Guildhall
11/11/2008 Portsmouth Guildhall
12/11/2008 Brighton Centre
13/11/2008 Brighton Centre
17/11/2008 Plymouth Pavilions
18/11/2008 Plymouth Pavilions
19/11/2008 Bournemouth BIC
20/11/2008 Bournemouth BIC
26/11/2008 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
01/12/2008 Manchester Apollo
02/12/2008 Manchester Apollo
08/12/2008 Leeds Grand
09/12/2008 Leeds Grand

18/09/2008. According to Ticketmaster the Mighty Boosh are there on this date but according to the official tour dates release there not so i dont know. thanks to Colin for pointing this out. =D

These tickets are on sale from Saturday 15/12/07 and can be purchased HERE!


Emily said...

does anyone know if there is a minimum age?

is it 16? 18? or is there not one?

can someone please reply.


jpeg91 said...

sorry but theres no way of telling untill the tickets are on sale. sorry

colin said...

3 dates in Dublin too. not 2. Pity about the no pre sale.

jpeg91 said...

oh yeh thanks for that mate

Anonymous said...

i think i read somewhere the minimum age for all shows is 16

Anonymous said...

on the mighty boosh website it says you have to be over 14.

Anonymous said...

what does the "not available presale" mean?

Beth said...

Theres also..

24/11/2008 Cardiff CIA
25/11/2008 Cardiff CIA