Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Live Lounge

I have a couple of songs from the live lounge session from The Mighty Boosh:

Married on the Morrow.MP3
Isolation/Love Games.MP3
Soup Song.MP3

If anyone has the whole show i would be very greatfull if they could contact me at

I also found this by Noel Fielding about his time on the live lounge:

"How did it go? Well I thought it was quite funny... we were quite nervous as we hadn't had enough time to get a band together and there's a lot of funky beats in there.

We had Bollo on drums but we had a lot to learn as there were new guitar parts and we had to write new lyrics to make the songs work but it was good to break them in... we worried a lot about the order of the tracks, we think the first one was alright, but the second one was all over the place!

I've started calling my headphones 'cans' like real bands too... Bollo is taking the mick out of me for it. Julian thought it went well, but i won't hold my breath for being on the next Live Lounge album!

I also found this video that was filmed whilst they were recording Love Games.


Tina:] said...

Oh My God!!

I Know This Is Random Because You Don't Exactly Know Me Or Anything But I Love You!!

I've Been Desperately Trying To Download The Boosh Live Lounge Stuff, Especially Love Games, It's Just So Amazing (I Found It On Youtube.):]

Thanks So Much For Posting This. ^^

Anonymous said...

hello mate

I would also like to thank you a million for this, its awesome and i've been looking high and low for it. Your a star !!!!


Anonymous said...

this lik dont work either :(

plz could u upload again i would be soo grateful!!!


Robin said...

Please upload again! Been looking for these for ages