Friday, December 07, 2007

The Mighty Boosh S03 E05 Download

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What an amazing episode this is!

Download (.RM) <-- Best Quality but RealPlayer needed (MegaUpload)

Download (.AVI) <-- Same Quality as above (SendSpace)

Download (.WMV) <-- Not as good quality and skipping issues (SendSpace)


A LOT happened in this episode!
Howards gay for vince,
Howards a virgin,
Vince and Howard make out on the roof,
Bouncy castles are legend,
Naboo has no penis, dogma style,
The shop is below the flat that series 2 was based in (even though the flat was in Dalston and the shop is in Shorditch)
and if my facts are correct.....

Howards New Love Interest ^
Change of clothes ^


Anonymous said...

when did old Greg wear those clothes?

jpeg91 said...

this is a photo taken during the filming of the S03. this means that old gregg will almost definatly be in episode 6. =D

Zammo said...

Any chance you can pull off the bouncy bouncy song, my girlfriend would love it as a ring tone?!


jpeg91 said...

will do!

Drunk Country said...

mr loverly, any chance of getting the bouncy bouncy crimp version?

Anonymous said...

Old Greg was to appear in the end of the episode, but they changed it, 'cause it wasn't as funny as they though...

Anonymous said...

old gregg was going to be in that episode
that girl howard loved was going to pull off a mask and reveal it was old gregg all along, but they ended up not putting that in...i dont know why, maybe they just didnt think it was very funny