Saturday, November 24, 2007

NMTB S21 E02

Here is the first episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks featuring Noel Fielding sitting in for Bill Bailey (S21 E02)

S21 E02 High Quality (.WMV)

S21 E02 Not So High Quality (.MP4)

S21 E02 Low Quality (.MP4)

The next episode (S21 E03) includes Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil) playing Against Noels team.


Anonymous said...

Everytime I click on any of the links I get some sort of error message. Is there anyhting you can do?

Anonymous said...

could you upload these again cause i too keep getting an error message?

Anonymous said...

There is an error with the download, is it possible to fix? This is my favorite episode of NMTB with Noel on it.