Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sorry about the lack of updates over the last couple of days, have been quite ill. so heres everything thats happened over the past few days:

Season 3 Episode 2 on youtube:

Journey to the Centre of Punk

Old Gregg Soundboard:

play the quests on BBC´s new and improved Boosh site here:

And if you can be bothered to play through all the quests to unlock the prizes they are here (send space):

Adorable Philip Kitten in a Barrel screensaver complete with soothing music:

Hitcher screensaver:

Bollo wallpaper:

Rudy & Spider wallpaper:

Milky Joe wallpaper:

All wallpapers are pics of the cartoon versions from the site. All are sized 1600x1200.

Mighty Boosh on the Colin Murry show on Radio 1:

Listen Now!

More Info.

It Includes a short documentary about The Mighty Boosh, in two parts, featuring a whole host of stars including the Official Queen Of The Mods from

Noel and Julian are also going to be on Jo Wiley's live lounge next Thursday. (BBC Radio 1 - usally 12ish)

Advert for Season 3:

2 Bits Of Music:

Music from the season three commercial.
"Eels" from Season Three - Episode One.

Download Season 3 Episode 1:

needs real player or real alternative.

Acording to The Sun:

"COMIC Noel Fielding has been signed up to front BBC3's new Friday night entertainment show.

The Mighty Boosh star will co-host The Wall with two other presenters, who have not yet been announced.

Noel, who has already signed up to temporarily replace Bill Bailey on BBC2's Never Mind The Buzzcocks, will interview celeb guests and introduce musical acts."

But that was the sun so you never know if its true or not.

I Think Thats it, but if i remember any more ill post it in a new post.

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Camille said...

Hey! Any chance you reupload Adorable Philip Kitten in a Barrel screensaver complete with soothing music ? :D