Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fixed Episode Links

Here are the fixed episode links for episode 1 and 2 of series 3 of The Mighty Boosh.

S03 E01 "Eels"

S02 E02 "Journey to the Centre of a Punk"

Sorry about the documentary taking so long, have been ill for the past week and still am.


Priestess Of Nothing said...

Uh, well I know this probably sounds weird coming from someone you don't even know off the internet, but just take care of yourself and don't worry about it!!

As a horribly Boosh deprived creature living in the U.S. I really, REALY appreciate that you do this stuff at ALL!

Go get well soon, and a HUGE thank you for your work and your time. You rock!!!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just want to say, that i have season 1 of the mighty boosh in MP4 format and if you want me to send you the files to put up on the blog email me abck

Multifuncional said...

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Els. said...

Allright that's it, I'm moving. The only thing Belgium and the UK have in common anyway is their weather.

Anonymous said...

hope your feeling better... also cant wait to see the might boosh night stuff... it sucks to be in America

Sara said...

Hey, sorry for complaining, but the download link for Journey to the Center of the Punk isn't working for me :(. I want to thank you, however, for the downloads of the other five episodes of Series three, they're really wonderful and I'm glad you uploaded them. I live in Canada and I've never even met anybody who knows who the Boosh are, or anything about them. If you do get that working, I will give you cookies. Will that work? ;) (hopefully :D)
Thanks again from Canada, and if you want to contact me then my you can message my profile-(as my URL) or my deviantart of the same username :)
:D Thanks so much. I really cannot say how much I appreciate it.

LOL said...

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