Friday, March 07, 2008

BBC3 Mighty Boosh Night!

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, i have been spending some time in camden, the home of Noel Fielding (didn't see him though =[), plus theres not really been much boosh news, but now there is:

BBC3 are to host a Mighty Boosh Night witch will include a new hour-long documentary.

The documentary which starts the evening promises never-before-seen home movies and photos from the duo, who visit landmark locations from the comedy club where they first performed to the studio-turned-organic-supermarket where the radio show was recorded.

The programme will also feature interviews from Stewart Lee, Lee Mack, Danny Wallace, who produced their radio show, and Steve Coogan, whose production company Baby Cow makes the TV series.

Fielding and Barratt will start the evening with a live link, and later introduce six of their favourite episodes.

all this is scheduled from 9.30pm on Easter Saturday, March 22.

sounds exiting =D


Mary Beth said...

Any chance you'll be able to upload the documentary for people like me who, sadly, don't live in the UK? (I know its not on for a couple more weeks)...We'd really appreciate it :O)

Anonymous said...

Can i just say?

Your amazing putting this news on here,
im addicted to the boosh,
and knew nothing about it!

thanksmuch x

Paperdollx said...

I was going to say exactly the same as Mary Beth.. (a)

jpeg91 said...

if theres no complication then i will have the documentary up after its been on

Anonymous said...

ive only just seen this can u pleeeeese upload link asap for me and all my friends!! cant believe i missed that!!!

Anonymous said...

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt tell the story behind The Mighty Boosh in their own words. They visit locations key to their past, including the comedy club where they first performed and the studio where the radio show was recorded, which is now an organic supermarket. Featuring interviews with Stewart Lee, Danny Wallace, Lee Mack, Steve Coogan, Russell Brand, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Jo Whiley, Lenny Henry, Kasabian and The Horrors as well as never before seen photos and home movies from the boys themselves.

Download Links